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A lost art...Hand-Pulled Candy Canes

A unique, old world tradition continues on with these individually hand-crafted canes.  Enjoy the holiday season with delicious hand-pulled candy canes available in a variety of flavors.

Click here to see the art of hand-pulled candy cane making in action

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Traditional color combinations available online are red, green & white - blue & white - red & white       
Custom flavors & colors are welcome (minimum of one batch required) - School & corporate colors a specialty from orange & blue to purple & gold (we suggest having white as a third color in any two color combination for better looks) we will gladly work with you. 
For fund-raising and large quantities our 7 inch sticks work best.
Please call for availability of color and flavors.  6-inch 12-inch 24-inch
Hand pulled candy canes $1.49 $2.95 $5.49
Hand pulled sticks (7 inch)

3 for $2.49

Flavors: Peppermint, Spearmint, Cinnamon, Wintergreen, Vanilla and Raspberry
Color combinations - Red, white & green; blue & white; green & white; red, white & gold; red, white & blue ; red & white

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