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Candy Cane Pulling Tradition...

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Add Flavor & Pulling Canes

Add Color & Twist

Shape & Cool

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The Finished Product...MMMMMMM
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Here is a glimpse into how 
traditional candy canes are made.

 First Joe prepares a water and sugar mixture that is heated up to 300º F.  This mixture is then   
 poured onto a large marble slab where it is "flipped" and allowed to start cooling.  As it reaches
 a cooler temp (a certain consistency) flavors are added in by a process similar to "kneading 
 bread".  After the flavors are fully blended in, the mixture,  which is "amber" in color, is cut into
 pieces (usually three such as red, white & green) one for each color you wish to have.
 One piece, if white is to be one of the final colors, is
 taken and "thrown" onto a stainless steel hook where
 Joe pulls and twists the mixture until the amber color
 turns white.  This process is a lot like "pulling taffy".
 As you notice in the picture Joe needs to be wearing
 gloves from this point on in the pulling process for the
 cane mixture is still between 200º and 300º F.
 Add Color & Twist

 The white piece Joe has just finished is now placed on the marble slab and  shaped to look
 like a long "loaf of bread", this shaping is done to each piece.  The two color pieces, red &
 green  for example, are now cut in half.  These smaller pieces are then alternately laid onto
 the white piece, to create a large red, white & green stripped loaf. (note in picture section
 under heat lamp)

 Once the loaf is stripped it can now be pulled and
 twisted to create the size you would like (Joe stays
 with 6, 12 or 24 inches generally). The smaller sizes
 are done first and as the loaf cools larger sizes are 
 Shape & Cool
 Joe has now pulled and twisted the loaf into small
 medium and large stick like pieces.  He then hands
 the "sticks" to Dee, his pulling helper, and she
 proceeds to place them onto paper lined trays. Once
 placed on the trays they are left in there stick form or
 the hook is added.  The trays are then left to cool for
 a few hours and then the canes or sticks are
 individually wrapped and labeled.
Time to Taste The Finished Candy...


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